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Riverdale's very own "in cold blood"

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Riverdale Daily;
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o1. No negativity! This is the one thing that will absolutely not be OK on this community. It’s fine to dislike certain characters ( or the actors playing them ), ships and other stuff about the show, but if all you do is bash things, it will not be tolerated.
o2. We accept any kinds of posts that have to do with the show re; fanfic, news, pictures, icons.. whatever. But if you are making an icon post, please only preview Riverdale icons.
o3. Right now we have open posting, but if we start to notice a lot of nonsense spammy type posts happening, we will make it to where posts have to be approved first.

That’s it! We are not too strict here, we just want to discuss and share our love for this show, if you have any questions - feel free to contact me ( Christy ) or Sara.
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